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The Token Creator is an addition to the Doric's ecosystem, expanding its technological capabilities.

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An app meticulously developed, taking into consideration best practices and industry standards. Made with attention to detail and using up to date technologies and programming principles.

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It incorporates robust security measures to protect the token creation process, while also being performatic and functioning with all transparency.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a token?

A token is a digital asset or representation of value that exists on a blockchain. Tokens can have various purposes, including serving as a medium of exchange, representing ownership or access rights to certain assets, or functioning as a unit of account within a specific ecosystem.

What are the risks of token creation?

The token creation process is well known to be low-risk as a result to the robust security measures needed for it to function. We also believe that the assistance of our UX team made it a simple and transparent process, further minimizing the risks.

Anyone can create?

Yes! Anyone with enough Doric Digital Currency (DRC) can create tokens,

Do I need to pay fees to create tokens?

Currently, as an incentive, there are no fees associated with the token creation process.

What is Doric?

The Doric cryptocurrency represented by the symbol DRC is the native cryptocurrency of the Doric network and will be used for the process of tokenizing assets and creating DApps, as well as funding and encouraging the development of the ecosystem.

The supply of DRC is fixed, long-term and non-inflationary.If you are an institutional investor and want more information, you can write to We will be happy to answer you.

The Doric blockchain will be powered by DRC and together with smart contract technology will be part of building a global asset tokenization environment, which will bring major advances to the property market

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